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Hotjar is committed to providing a service that allows companies of all shapes and sizes to see web experiences through their customer's eyes. Our wide-ranging user-base means that we handle legal, privacy, and security requests from a broad approach, to keep things simple for anyone to get started.

You can find more information about compliance such as GDPR, CCPA or our policies here.

However, occasionally we understand that our customers have more tailored or custom needs in regards to legal documents or security due diligence. We are happy to consider and review these requests and in doing so you would agree to an annual plan (or multiple plans) with an equivalent value of at least $/€ 389 per month.

The form below will get you in touch with a Sales Representative and you’ll immediately receive any resources to help get your request started. Before you share your documents, you'll be asked to review ours first.

We take time to evaluate each custom request on a case-by-case basis but can't guarantee all requests can be fulfilled.

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Follow the instructions here before submitting a ticket. This will allow our support team to help you more quickly.

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Our support team require these steps to be completed before we can transfer account ownership.

A ticket is not required if the account owner is available. Please follow the steps below:

Only the current Account Owner can transfer ownership to another team member within Hotjar. Read more.

Average support ticket resolution time: 1-2 Business Days

Hotjar Funnels and Forms have been retired

Head to our recent blog post for more information on our decision. Forms and Funnels will be fully retired by December 14th, 2020 for all accounts. Accounts made after August 24th, 2020 will not have access to these tools.

In the meantime, we compiled a few workarounds on how you can use our other tools to track your funnels and forms.

Average Help Center resolution time: 6-7 Minutes

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